Sunday, December 05, 2010

30 Days of Me:: Day 5

Day 01 – Introduce Yourself
Day 02 – Your first love
Day 03 – Your parents
Day 04 – What you ate today
Day 05 – Your definition of love

I've been thinking a lot about what to say here about this. In the past I might not have said anything controversial at all. But in light of all the recent issues in the media, I feel the need to speak up.

How do *I* define love?

Love is fluid and limitless, and it cannot be defined in concrete terms. It cannot be labeled or put in boxes.

You cannot tell me what my love should look like, and I cannot tell you what yours should look like. You may choose to love someone who is a different race, religion, or sex than yourself, or you may find your love is more similar to you than you thought possible. You may come to realize you love more than one, or you could choose to love none. You might think my love is just a *kink* - a sexual deviance - but maybe, your love is the deviation...

There is an old Hindu proverb, that describes the path to God like the paths of a mountain: The paths are many, but the peak is one. It is my belief that love can be described the same.

*That* is how I define love.

"Love is like pi... It's irrational, it goes on forever, and people study it for patterns"
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Day 06 – Your day
Day 07 – Your best friend
Day 08 – A precious item
Day 09 – Your beliefs
Day 10 – What you wore today
Day 11 – Your siblings
Day 12 – What’s in your bag
Day 13 – This week
Day 14 – Your childhood
Day 15 – Your dreams
Day 16 – Your first kiss
Day 17 – Your favorite memory
Day 18 – Your favorite birthday
Day 19 – Something you regret
Day 20 – Your morning routine
Day 21 – Your job and/or schooling
Day 22 – Something that upsets you
Day 23 – Something that makes you feel better
Day 24 – Something that makes you cry
Day 25 – Your sleeping habits
Day 26 – Your fears
Day 27 – Your favorite place
Day 28 – Something that you miss
Day 29 – Your favorite foods/drinks
Day 30 – Your aspirations

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