Thursday, February 05, 2009

iTC: Progress for 2/4 & 2/5

  1. Take one step towards safety.

  2. Create something every day.
So how did I do?

Yesterday, I didn't create anything. I left my sketch book at home when I went to work, and when I got home, I sat for a while and stared at the pages, but couldn't do much more than erase a few lines. I did take some lovely photos of Lia and her cake, as it was her 11th birthday. And I did network quite well! I was quite chatty with the teachers I was working with and even with some of the others in the building. I definitely stepped outside my comfort zone...

Today, I faced a major problem without freaking out and hopefully everything will work out ok, but for the next few days if you could send some good luck vibes... And so far, I've taken a few more pics of Lia, and plan to work some more on the sketch I started and I've got an idea some ideas for other things I want to work on (frog prince figurine, thegirlinthebigbox-inspired painting of a friend...)... I'll post pics if I finish anything tonight!

The iCiNG Transformation Challenge is brought to you by Gala Darling!

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