Sunday, February 01, 2009

iCiNG Transformation Challenge: Day 1

Today is the first day of Gala Darling's iCiNG Transformation Challenge, which in her own words, "is an opportunity to achieve something you’ve wanted to do for a while but as yet, haven’t quite managed to hit out of the park." Kinda like a second chance at those New Year's Resolutions, or maybe there's a new goal you'd like to work toward?

For me, I have 2 things that are important to me right now. The first is getting my family to a safer place emotionally and financially. (No, where we live is quite safe physically, but we have so many worries about snow on the roof, pipes freezing, keeping warm, getting out of the driveway... and all the bills piling up because subbing is just not enough...) The second is growing and fully exploring my potential as an artist and creator.

So for my challenge I have decided to do two things each day:
  1. Take one step towards achieving that safe place for my family. Either applying for a better job, making an effort to network in my current position, promoting my art, or doing some other task that adds to our feeling of security. This may not sound like much to most of you, but I have a problem with social anxiety and interacting with people is such an emotional strain; it sometimes just shuts me down. If it weren't for the internet, which I can safely hide behind, I'd have no friends at this point in my life!

  2. Create something every day. Just one thing. Anything! A sketch, a painting, a poly-clay sculpture, a poem, a story, a recipe... N. E. Thing! Again this sounds easy and fun, but I feel so guilty sometimes, like I should be doing something more productive. This is just a hobby. There's housework to be done. Quit goofing off. You have to do x, y, or z... It's a feeling I don't want to associate with my art anymore. If this is something I want to eventually become self-supporting from, then I can't be feeling guilt for doing it!
How about you? Any of you care to join me? What goals will you be working toward?

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