Thursday, February 19, 2009

iTC: The Last 10 Days

  1. Take one step towards safety.

  2. Create something every day.
So how have I been doing?

I haven't been posting much of anything lately and truth be told I've been avoiding thinking much. Making changes is hard and I haven't been feeling up to the challenge; so I've been hiding and distracting myself. I really can't give you an accurate picture of all I've been doing, but I will try my best...

Take one step towards safety:
Since last week was the week before Winter Break, there were very few sub calls. However I did work a full day on Monday, and a half day on Tuesday, for a TA I had worked for before. I had a lot of opportunities to network, popping in to other teachers' rooms, and chatting with the teachers in the shared resource room, and I took full advantage of them.

Several times since then, I have spent some time looking at other school districts, but haven't applied anywhere yet. I want to update my resume first. Friday, I made a scary phone call and ran some errands. Tuesday, I had the car taken to the shop to have it inspected, and yesterday had to stand up for myself and go against what the mechanic (my dad's friend) was telling me. Also this week, when not fighting my computer over the virus, I've also been working on my Earth & Space course.

Not much, but it feels astronomical to me.

Create something every day:
On Sunday the 8th I completed the final coloring on what I had been working on at the beginning of the month.

Please click the image to see more of the detail and read the notes I have added...

Monday, I think I was too tired from work to *really* create anything, but I did spend some time reading some art books we have out from the library. Tuesday, we celebrated the Full Snow Moon, and I made a beautiful snowflake from a coffee filter on which I wrote all the things I want to diminish in my life, and then burnt it, symbolically. On Wednesday we had fog so thick I expected wolves (a la Forks) to appear just the other side of our stone wall; so I stayed inside and taught myself to make signatures for books (as you saw on last week's TiLT), and I got started on the background of a new pendant. Thursday, I continued to work on the pendant and created a semi-new desktop for myself, full of inspiration:

Click for quote credits and to see larger...

Friday I completed the pendant and wrote a silly love poem to Jacqueline. Although the poem was technically written after midnight, it was before I went to bed, so I consider it Friday... Saturday was Valentine's Day! I put the final gloss coats on the pendant, finished a love letter to Jacqueline, made 2 silly stained glass-type arty things for a dA contest (here and here), and created the best heart-shaped pizza for my dinner. Sunday I spent the day attempting to repair a virus on my computer, and did some beading while I was at it. Monday, I took pics of my beading, and started writing about their meaning. Tuesday, I actually went outside for a bit and got some sun! Then I helped create the best Buffalo chicken puffs for dinner. Yesterday, I planned out how I am going to do my next pendant and went through all my old artwork from the course I took in the 90s (pics coming soon of them). Sometime this week I also made two new icons, but I don't recall when...

So, how have you been doing?

The iCiNG Transformation Challenge is brought to you by Gala Darling!

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