Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekly Simplicity Tips

I think I forgot these last week, but that's ok...

1. Make simple meals with lots of produce this week. This would have been a helpful tip *before* we did the grocery shopping... And we're already doing that the best we can anyway! LOL!

2. See your things with new eyes and enjoy the abundance of what you have. Good advice for any day! ^_^

3. Be yourself. It is much simpler than trying to be someone else. More excellent advice!

4. Save up for quality products, rather than buying many shoddy items. Sometimes this is worth is... Sometimes it's not...

5. Create a maintenance schedule for your car. When we have enough money to pay the bills; for now we're doing the best that we can!

6. Use search engine to find the best travel deal. Wonder how much she got paid for this... This of course assumes we need to find travel deals...

7. Plan a back to school barbecue or another fun tradition. And this assumes we *go back to school* which we don't... Maybe next year or the year after, we'll start that tradition... ~_^

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