Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Here is your horoscope
for Wednesday, August 8:

Take a step outside your comfort zone and see what happens. You might surprise yourself as well as your coworkers or family -- and things might just take a turn for the better afterward! It's worth a shot.

So I've been thinking about talking to my dad about my relationship with Jacqueline... I don't think he understands that we are a couple... I've tried to explain it before because he and my grandmother seem put out that I want to bring her and often the kids when I visit. Well, we live an hour away and if I'm going to spend the money on gas to go all the way there, I am going to bring at least her, so we can visit both our families... I know it's not like things were with Terry, but he didn't like to socialize, and certainly not with my family. But to tell me not to bring her or the kids... well that shuts *me* out too... But I am so scared to disappoint him... I have no idea why...

(Oh yeah, mom knows, she's cool with it all...)

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