Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My day thus far...

Last night I was trying so hard to do the right thing. Lights out at 11pm so I could get a full 8 hours sleep by 7 when the alarm was set for Es to go to work. Then I could get up and enjoy a quiet morning with Jacqueline before taking her to work. I finished my chapter at 11:14, shut the lights out, and fell asleep. At 11:48, Bunny requested noisily that I let her out. At 12:13, I was itching so bad that I had to get up and run the bites under icy water to make it stop; then again 3 more times before the alarm went off. Even calm breathing and imagining a force field pushing the itchies out didn't work... :( Then I had dreams... the kind of dreams that make me miss people I don't know that I ever want to see again... I woke up late, almost 12 hours later. Sore and cranky. Jacqueline cuddled with me a tiny bit even though she was running late because she forgot to make herself a dinner and made me feel better.

Showered, dressed, took her to work, got a cheap cola on the way home and even filled my tires with air. (Yes, some people only worry about gas, I worry about the air and oil too...) Once home, I caught up with my email & LJ and started on some dishes! JoAnn cleaned the counters and stove while I did that and she really did a great job! Then I made myself some brunch (an Italian pasta salad with chicken, lots of veggies and a little cheese), did more dishes, and then had some ice cream which I gave 1/2 of to Jo. Meanwhile, Es & Ant have gone to Sam's, Lia is already there playing with Jordan, and as soon as JoAnn is showered and ready, she's going too... Wow. I'll be alone. I plan to blast my music, wash dishes, and clean off my desk! So, since JoAnn is on her way now, here I go! ^_^

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