Friday, August 24, 2007


24 Things I Love About Scrapping (in no particular order)...
  1. a better use for all those cute stickers I've been collecting since I was in 4th grade
  2. a reason to buy all those gorgeous colors of cardstock
  3. hours of quiet solitude absorbed in creating the perfect LO
  4. hours of chatting and creating with friends and family
  5. reliving good memories as I scrap the photos
  6. finding the perfect paper combination for each set of photos
  7. trying a new technique and getting it right
  8. an excuse to keep just about anything and everything
  9. the smiles on people's faces when you give the gift of a scrapbook (small or large)
  10. GLITTER!!!!
  11. embossing something still makes me go "OMG that's so cool!" at a pitch that makes small animals run away
  12. alternate storage for all the photos I take besides sticking them in a box, in a drawer, in the attic, or onto those sticky pages with no decoration whatsoever
  13. a reason to buy all those cute patterned papers
  14. reliving memories when perusing completed albums
  15. putting eyelets in tags as a stress-reducer  *BANGBANGBANG*
  16. a reason to keep the ribbon off packages and little scraps of fabric from clothes
  17. a good excuse to buy those beautiful yarns and fibers without knowing how to knit or crochet
  18. remembering 10 years from now who that weird guy next to Auntie Rachel is
  19. it reduces gift-buying-stress for all my friends & relatives, a gift card to Michael's will do
  20. a reason to buy all those wonderful handmade papers
  21. oh my goodness, can you believe how much they've grown in last (year, 6 months, week...)???
  22. being able to use all those beautiful paper images as backgrounds and textures and filters on my digital artwork too!
  23. finding just the right embellishment
  24. making new friends online who like to scrap too

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