Sunday, August 12, 2007

Behold, My Desk...

This was taken on the 7th; my desk is now slightly more cluttered...

Top left has my stuffed animal collection, starting on top of our medicine cabinet and continuing over to the top one shelf (plus some) on the wall. 

Under the stuffies are some boxes and baskets of pictures to be sorted and some smaller albums, not yet filled. 

Under them, there are larger unfinished albums and paper storage.  The drawers in black have embellishments and one drawer of punches; the small white ones (behind the Hello Kitties) have pens & pencils & notepads (general office supplies). 

To the right of that is a cup of tools (hammer, tweezers, exacto knife, etc.), tape, stapler, and my CDs for the computer (mostly program backups, photos burned to CD, some blanks, and some music). 

From right to left on the shelf above that is a small container with little drawers filled with buttons, charms, beads, jewels, eyelets... and 2 containers of the same on top of that, and my very old chalks on top of that! Next to that in the white drawers are more embellishments, a few embossing powders, and glue. Then there are some bottles and jars with sparkles and glitter and buttons and glue and more... And then I have this really pretty box, with a glass sliding lid, that I've filled with my sparkliest shiniest fibers, and next to that 2 boxes of paper scraps (you know, like for making tags, and matting and framing). And then some toys of mine (Disney fairies, Skel-animals, and some from McD's Happy Meals *blush*).

Directly above that little crowd is a bunny shaped frame and another little doll from McD's, and going right this time, we have 3 baskets of tins and CD cases to alter, a container of 3 inch floppy disks with things I someday mean to burn to disk, and then some jars, and more dolls and toys, and a pretty fairy tin...

So those are the walls... LOL! Now for the desk and below... Right to left, before the computer keyboard & monitor is a paper tray with envies and other odds and ends, a pencil cup, my drink, mouse, etc. Then the keyboard & monitor and the printer/scanner, with no ink so there's my old printer below, and squeezed in between those & the monitor is more envies and more blank CDs. The blue thing in front is a digital postal scale, and then... well... the top of the desk gets scary... Piles of books, magazines, bills, papers, and not just in piles but in a box even! Behind the box, you can almost see, I've got my deco-scissors poked through the holes in the shelf for my scanner - awesome way to store them! And more paper trays with paper behind the box that line the wall and end of the desk. (You can see the ones at the end of the desk with my 8.5x11 paper in it.) Note the bag of Lindt Chocolate between the evil box and paper tray! A necessity...

Moving around to on top of the book case we have 2 bags of ribbon and other fibers, big paper cutter, more unorganized scrapping things... On the shelves of the book case are binders filled with school papers I want to keep, as well as paper for the computer, and some weights for if & when I ever decide to work out with them... LOL! (Big plans! I've got BIG PLANS!)

UNDER the desk... sticker binder, paper accordion files, fabric hidden under caboodle box which is filled with drawing supplies, cushion for kitty, boxes of things to be scrapped, magazines & catalogs to go through, additional craft supplies in purple drawers almost completely hidden, white drawers behind chair full of photos to be scrapped, pink bag is BIRTHDAY GIFTS!!! FROM JULY!!! that still need to be put away, garbage basket, bag for recyclables, my purse and tote bag!

And that, my friends, is a lot of junk... So who wants to help me sort through it all and get it organized???

EDIT: And please note, we have not painted in here. That's the color the landlord painted: a dark maroon. I'd prefer a nice bright white or pale pale green or lilac...

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  1. I love your scrap area - even the maroon colored walls. I'm still trying to decide what color to paint my new scrap studio!


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