Thursday, June 07, 2012


Yesterday Jamie Ridler asked, "What do you wish to delight in?"  But today, she asks, "Do you know what delights you?"  And since I've been doing gratitude posts (semi-) regularly on my fb, I have an inkling, but I really wanted to do her exercise; it's *such* good practice.  So here goes...

5 Delights for Each Sense

I love the taste of…
  1. kisses
  2. chocolate
  3. cheese
  4. candy
  5. fresh fruit

I love the sight of…
  1. Jacqueline smiling
  2. Lake Ontario in every mood
  3. All kinds of birds
  4. Flowers in bloom
  5. Rainbows & all things sparkly & purple (ok I guess that's 3 in 1, but really...)

I love the feel of…
  1. Cool sheets on a hot night
  2. Heavy warm blankets on a cold night
  3. Jacqueline's skin
  4. pencil on paper going exactly where I want it
  5. wind in my hair while driving
I love the smell of…
  1. fresh ground coffee
  2. Jacqueline's hair
  3. the air just as it begins to rain
  4. lilacs & roses & lily of the valley
  5. men's cologne

I love the sound of…
  1. Jacqueline singing in the kitchen
  2. engines revving
  3. rain on the roof
  4. all kinds of birdsong, from the cawing crow to the warbling robing to the trilling vireo
  5. loved ones talking & laughing


  1. What a delicious list! I'm loving reading about people's delights. It always brings a smile. And how awesome that Jacqueline is in there everywhere. What a blessing!


  2. She is definitely a blessing to me! Thank *you* for the wonderful prompts!


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