Thursday, May 24, 2012

FlatRock and the Oswego Harbor

Last Thursday we headed up to town and stopped at FlatRock, our favorite place to hang out!  Lia & I took some time to walk out on the pier, but we only went about a quarter of the way to the lighthouse.  It was so windy, it kept blowing Lia's hair funny and her shadow looked like she had cat ears...

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Despite the wind it was a very nice walk.  We even got a nice picture of our swimming spot from a different angle!  Sadly it was still too cold for swimming...

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On the way out, we saw two very large birds arguing over a lamp post on the power plant property.  They were ospreys!  This one won.  ^o^

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I can't wait til we can go up and stay for a longer visit, that includes floating in the lake...

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