Tuesday, September 01, 2009

BlogCarnival: Tasty Tuesday Edition!

Well I am a little too late to add this to the carnival, but I was so excited to see the topic come up! I have no idea why I didn't post this sooner!

Your favorite food. What is it and why? If it's something you make please share the recipe.
Now if you read my blog, I do a Tasty Tuesday post pretty frequently with some of my favorite recipes. I love food, all different kinds, and choosing just one favorite is impossible. But lately it's been salads, wraps, and pizza featuring Buffalo BBQ chicken with blue cheese ranch dressing. Here's how we do it:

Buffalo BBQ Chicken Fritters
  • Cook some frozen chicken strips (We buy Kirkwood frozen Crispy Chicken Strips, which are kinda like this.) as directed on the package.
  • Meanwhile put some of your favorite BBQ sauce (mine is Kansas City style lately) into a plastic storage container (make sure it seals good!), add some Frank's Red Hot sauce (as much or as little as you like) and a bunch of fresh ground black pepper. No need to mix!
  • When your chicken is done, pop it in the container and add a little more of the sauces to the top. Then shakeshakeshake... shakeshakeshake... shake your booty! Oh sorry... carried away! ^-^
  • VOILĂ€! Chicken is done! From here you can pop it into a wrap, or cut it into smaller chunks for pizza or salad topping!
Blue Cheese-Ranch Dressing
  • Pick your favorite ranch dressing: Mine varies from week to week: sometimes is all about the bacon ranch, sometimes it's got to be Hidden Valley, other times I want a cheesy ranch...
  • Pick your favorite crumbly blue cheese: some have a very strong bitter taste, others are quite mild. We found a brand we liked (buttermilk blue cheese), but the stores aren't carrying it now; Kraft is a milder version of that which suits us fine.
  • Mix them together to taste! Now you can top your salad, wrap, or use as a pizza sauce!
You can see more posted over at Stormy Designs!

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  1. My son loves spicy chicken wings! :)

    omg...I just heard your "tinkerbell" ringing and thought I was being haunted...hahahahaha!!! omg! I couldn't figure it out over at that Japanese site, so I just gave up! pff!

    But thanks for trying to give instructions, though! :)


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