Sunday, September 29, 2013

52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 5

Hello again!

So how did everyone do with the LUNCH challenge? Not too many photos posted yet, but I love the ones from previous weeks that are trickling in... ^-^

Are you having any trouble uploading your photo each week? I set the group to accept 2 images per week because it seems no one in the flickr help area knows what time frame they use to measure a "week" (Sun to Sat or a 7-day period, what timezone...?); hopefully by allowing 2 there should be no problems, but do let me know if you encounter any.

Let's get to our challenge! This week I've chosen: SQUARE

Look for the squares around you - you can find them in all sorts of man-made things! - use them to frame or repeat in your photo, or crop your photo to a square. (I like cropping photos to squares, in case you hadn't noticed, LOL!) Remember to look for an interesting composition to feature in your photo. Here's mine:

Click to embiggen!

This wasn't my original idea, which really didn't turn out as I had planned at all, and even though I saw tons of squares, by yesterday morning I *still* hadn't captured the photo I wanted. So I took a little walk and found this awesome sidewalk! It was at the bottom of a flight of stairs; so I could get up high & photograph it from up above, resulting in this photo.

Well ok, I did have to straighten it a bit, and I increased the contrast and saturation a bit. (Someday I will figure out the setting on my camera to make it not wash my photos out so much.) I even rotated it around a full 360° to see which version looked best. It's kind of nice with the words upright, but I really think it's most interesting from the angle at which I actually took the photo.

So let's see yours! You can share it with everyone at our flickr group! And don't forget to sign up for the reminders via email! (You'll get one Sunday morning when the new challenge is posted, and another on Wednesday afternoon to see how you're doing.)

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