Sunday, September 22, 2013

52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 4

Hello again, my Photo Challengers!

How did this last challenge go for you? Maybe not as easy as yellow or the self-portrait?

Thank you so much to those who shared Where You Sit with the me and the group! It was interesting to see all the different interpretations!

This week, I decided to draw our challenge from my Real Job™, Substitute Teacher. The number one questions I get asked (maybe tied with "Who are you?") is "When's lunch?" Ah lunch! Only 3 weeks in and so many students have decided this is the best part of their school day.

Yes, our challenge this week is: LUNCH.

Sometime during this week, take some photos centering around your lunch. Perhaps preparing it, or a nice food shot, or maybe you & your friends out to lunch? Here's mine:

Click to embiggen!

This one challenged me on a few different levels: Several times I was so hungry, I forgot I had wanted to take the photo until I was done eating; a few times I forgot the camera itself at home; and of course, it's hard to be discreet and not weird at work while photographing my packed lunch. Hehehe... I think I got a nice shot though!

So what's for lunch? Share it with me at our flickr group! And don't forget to sign up for the reminders via email!

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