Tuesday, October 12, 2010

BlogCarnival: Horror Movies

MysticWynd asks us: Tell us about your top 3 favorite horror movies. What is it about them that scares you?

The girls and I have a Halloween tradition of watching all kinds of old horror movies and horrible B movies all month long.  We have so many favorites and try to rotate the ones we rent each year.  We started with the classics, like Cat People, Frankenstein, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon, which the girls found more funny than scary; then we added some more recent films (that are SUPPOSED to be laughed: Beetlejuice and Young Frankenstein.  Recently we've added some *really* scary movies that make us clutch each other close and scream out loud; last night's Paranormal Activity left us scared to go to the bathroom alone!

But *my* top three horror movies...  I have to say my absolute favorite of all time is The Creature from the Black Lagoon.  I don't know why for sure.  Maybe because he really is just in love with the girl.  Maybe because of the underwater scenes.  Maybe because I saw it with my mom in 3D when I was just a kid.  Who know!  But it has a very special place in my heart.

Then I'd have to say Night of the Lepus.  Dr. McCoy, from Star Trek is in it.  And giant bunnies.  Giant blood-thirsty bunnies.  No seriously!  It's really not funny at all.  It's really quite scary...  Or maybe it's all in my head how scary it is... I dunno, but I'll find out soon.  The DVD just arrived from NetFlix today...

Finally, I'm going to have to add the movie from last night.  Paranormal Activity.  (Sorry, no link, too scary for me to find a good one right now. Hehehe.  Go here and look for yourself... (omg they have a PA2 coming out!  >.<))  It was kinda dragging at the beginning.  Not a lot going on through most of the movie either.  But near the end it gets freaky, and the girls and I were yelling at the screen, and when the end happened, we screamed and held each other.  Not only were we scared to go into the dark bathroom alone afterward, but I know I had trouble getting to sleep!

How about you?  What Halloween movies do you like to watch again & again?  Scary or not, let me know!

ETA: Here's the link to the Paranormal Activity trailer. *shiver* And Paranormal Activity 2 looks just as scary...


  1. I LOVE "Night of the Lepus" - definitely one of the best of the "nature getting revenge" flicks!

    Haven't seen Creature From the Black Lagoon in ages, but I'm getting anxious just listening to your review of Paranormal Activity. Guess I need to wait til the grandgirls are a bit older to have those pajama parties again...just a few more years tho!

    Great post :)

  2. Hi- I am following you from the Etsy Bloggers--The people next door have their own Black Lagoon and it still scares me to stand on it's shore! Please come check out my blog and return the favor and follow.

  3. Ok, this is bad! I love scary movies and don't think I've ever seen any of the ones you've mentioned. I may have to rent a bunch this winter.. going to work on my EtsyBloggers post now, too.


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