Tuesday, October 19, 2010


There are 13 days til Halloween, and our family is in full Halloween mode here.  Spooky movies (sometimes it's just the acting) and Halloween festivities are daily events!  I thought it would be nice to bring some of our merry & mischief making to the blog-o-sphere and share our excitement!  So the first thing we'll do is have a contest!

And the prize will be this necklace:

Inspired by the Neopets petpet, this spooky kitty grins at you with one eye shining, fangs ready for playful nips...
Hanging from a 23" ribbon, the pendant measures less than 1" in diameter and about 1/2" thick.

How do you win?  Well, just leave a comment on this post by 4pm on Wednesday the 20th - for an extra entry leave a Halloween idea for us to try! - and I'll draw a name from the commenters tomorrow to win the necklace!

But before you comment, perhaps you'd like to know what we've already been doing!

We got out all our pumpkins and bats and decorated the house for Halloween, including making our own silhouettes for the windows and strewing the front with fake spider webs.  We went to Oswego Pumpkin Fest, prayed at our pet cemetery, and bobbed for apples!  We had a special fall feast one night, and have had Lil Debbie Pumpkin cakes, chocolate covered candy corn, hot apple cider, and pumpkin Pop-tarts (YUM)!  We've worn Halloween themed candy necklaces, spider rings, and glow in the dark fingernail polish.  We colored Halloween pictures, gave the kids Halloween pencils, and played games of chance with Halloween candy prizes.  The best thing so far was sneaking outside after dark to scare the girls in their bedroom, by tapping on their window. 

WHEE!  So, leave a comment to get a chance to win the Meowclops necklace, and suggest something else halloweeny for us to do - or even a movie! - and get a second chance!  GOOD LUCK!

PS: Don't forget to head over to Faerie Garden Fancies for all kinds of new Halloween goodies!


  1. Me me, pick me! :)

    A neat Halloween snack I plan to bring to a party this year -- add a cup or so of frozen blueberries to a pot of water, then add eggs to the water to hardboil the eggs. When the eggs are done, keep the dark water. Take the eggs out, and let everything cool a bit so you can handle the eggs. Then give the eggs one crack each on the side -- put them back in the dark water to soak for a while. When you peel the eggs, they'll have a "spider-web" pattern on the side. Isn't that cool????

    Love your stuff!

  2. I Just love that Meowclops so much I had to comment for a chance to win :) Anyone who sculpts with BPAL-laden polymer is my new best pal (See what I did there?) :)
    I've always wanted to scour thrift shops for old dolls and decorate with them in various states of disrepair :) We had a neighbor who did that one year on a smaller scale I fell in love!

  3. So cute! My daughter would *love* this necklace! :)

    Around here we have been putting up our Halloween / Autumn decorations and my littlest child is enamored with ghosts -- she can't get enough of 'em! lol

  4. Amy and TreeGoddess, I have no way to contact either of you should you win. Your Blogger profiles don't go to a blog or have an email. Please let me know how to reach you should you win!

  5. arcarpenter@gmail.com will work if it's me. :)

  6. I love this necklace its adorable! <3 I got to say my personal favorite Halloween Tradition is to watch a handful of movies (they are, of course, all kids movies) - The Witches (I love when hes a mouse!), Hocus Pocus (my favorite!), The Worst Witch (Tim Curry!) and of course I usually mix in Legend and Labyrinth because, well, they just flat out are amazing!


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