Friday, July 16, 2010

Illustration Friday: Breakfast

My first idea, was a simple ATC with kawaii eggs & bacon... then I got thinking about pancakes... and remembered this:

Mmmm...rainbow pancakes...

So silly me, I pull out the sketch book and attempt to draw it. Hmmm, but it will need color! So I think my watercolor pencils will work...

Lesson 1: Said sketchbook sucks for watercolors.
Lesson 2: Watercolor pencils do not give a smooth, bright enough color for this kind of image.
Lesson 3: My gel pens are all dried up!

But here it is anyway, in all it's horrible pale-ness...


  1. It might not be perfect, but it still looks tasty! Yum! I think me be hungry! :D

  2. I like it--there's a feeling of rhythm about it that I like. Pale is good in this piece.


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