Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp: Day 3, Journaling

Today's journaling prompt says, "Name some of your biggest creative buzz kills, including a person or two, and disarm them!"

Including people???? But then I would have to say something that someone might see and be hurt by!!! Yes, right there is one of my creative buzz kills. Worrying too much about how others perceive me and my art. I need to just stop that.

My own ... inertia? ... is a creative buzz kill. Nike has the right idea with their slogan, "JUST DO IT," because that's exactly what I have to do to work through it.

Indecision & perfectionism do it too. Worrying too much about getting it just so, and being unable to decide just *what* it is that's missing... Sometimes, you *I* just have to go with the flow! And not worry about getting it Perfect.

No people. I won't add people. Any individual I've shown my art to has liked it, complimented it, encouraged me. True there have been other times, when my art wasn't involved, that someone's words hurt me and still play on repeat when I paint, or sculpt, or draw... But the faces that go with the voices are dim and unfocused. Perhaps the only real saboteur is myself...

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