Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp: Day 5 & 6, Art!

Day 5:

This would be the amazing painting when I threw away my rules of having drawn it first or having a photo reference. If I had had at least used a mirror, the face wouldn't be so cartoonish and a photo ref would have helped with the flowers, etc... But I love it. I may do it again... And yes, inspired by the drawing that I did before...

Day 6:

And this would be the image inspired by how my mermaidenly curls fell on the page when I was fussing about what to draw...

Day 1: Ivory Painted Ganesh
Day 2: Picnic Ant ATC
Day 3: Multilayered, need to finish!
Day 4: Heavy Metal, is it done?
Day 5: Grow, redo that drawing! DONE
Day 6: Fluid, so started! DONE
Day 7: Fly, wait, didn't I just do this on a postcard?
Day 8: Ornament, no idea...
Day 9: Drizzle, hmmm...
Day 10: Full-Bodied, hmmm...
Day 11: July 14th
Day 12: July 15th
Day 13: July 16th

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