Thursday, July 15, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp: Day 11, Journaling

Whoa! How did this happen! I am behind again! Or still... I totally fail at this boot camp thing... >.< LOL! ANYWAY, today's YESTERDAY'S prompt:
Briefly map out a timeline of your life up until this point. Make sure to note school studies, periods of happiness, life changes, major decisions, jobs, periods of happiness and comfort, etc. Now, looking back at your life, can you see how each of those points led you to where you are right this minute?

For instance, can you see how if you had never have done _____, then you would never have met _____, who inspired you to do ______, where you suffered _______, which ultimately made you _____, which turned out to be the best thing. And then because you had to ______, you started doing ______, and that’s how you got here!

This has always been hard for me. I tend to look back and very much want to leave bits out, but think everything can still be right where I am only better. But I think it would not work like this.


Here I am.

With Jacqueline, in Oswego. I wouldn't have come to Oswego if I hadn't gone back to school, and I wouldn't have gone back to school if I didn't quit my job. Also I wouldn't have been on FLYlady if I hadn't quit my job, which means I wouldn't have met Jacqueline and Jaie. And if I hadn't met Jaie I might never had discovered polyamory (via the people on her f'list). I might not have gotten involved with Jacqueline, or if I did, it might not have been so serious. Terry would have stayed, and I wouldn't have had the need to make money during the summer. If there was no need to make money in the summer, I might never have worked on building my art skills. If I hadn't started working on my art, and had the support and encouragement of Jacqueline and all the kids, I wouldn't have had the drive to continue. And without Jacqueline's influence, I might not have misgivings about teaching, and be looking *outside the box* for solutions. All because I quit my job, which I might never have done if I didn't work so much overtime, which I wouldn't have done if Terry hadn't gotten sick. Who knows what caused those gall stones that led to the pancreatitis though. I could go back more, but I just don't want to...


Here I am.

Nothing matters but the here & now.

I am exactly where i need to be...

Day 1: Ivory Painted Ganesh
Day 2: Picnic Ant ATC
Day 3: Multilayered, need to finish!
Day 4: Heavy Metal, is it done?
Day 5: Grow, redo that drawing! DONE
Day 6: Fluid, so started! DONE
Day 7: Fly, wait, didn't I just do this on a postcard?
Day 8: Ornament, no idea...
Day 9: Drizzle, hmmm...
Day 10: Full-Bodied, hmmm...
Day 11: Hush, hmmm...
Day 12: July 15th
Day 13: July 16th

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