Thursday, July 29, 2010


I might have forgotten to mention the fabulous cake I was going to have for my birthday... It was fabulous! XD I thought you all might want to see some pictures! Oh and JoAnn & Ant had birthdays with sweet treats too! So their pics are here too...

3 batches of butter cream frosting weren't enough! The outside is whipped cream!

And this was tempting us all night!

Making wishes: me for my birthday, Ant for cake! ^-^

After serving...

Leftovers! Lia is the only one who finished her whole piece! o.O

Josie made her own Lemon Bars! And we all played Clue!

Finishing touches on Ant's Japanese Strawberry Shortcake!

Ant didn't want his picture taken... so I had to be sneaky... ^o^

Oh noes! After cutting it fell apart! >.<

It was still very tasty!

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