Friday, January 16, 2009

TiLT: A Day Late & A Dollar Short

Things I Love Thursday is brought to you by Gala Darling, of course she posts hers on time! LOL!

Calls to work in middle & high schools, because the kids are awesome!

Selling things in Faerie Garden Fancies and having someone request that I make more right away!

Finding pictures I thought were lost forever...

Having wonderful art supplies to play with whenever I want

I have a warm bed to snuggle in at night... and half the day if I feel like it!

Mash-up Songs: United State of Pop 2008 (Viva La Pop)/DJ Earworm, GHv2-Thunderpuss Megamix/Madonna, and Sweet Dreams Vs Without Me/Eurythmics vs Eminem to name a few...

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