Saturday, January 24, 2009

Love Stories

I was just about to ask something to a friend, when I realized I'd love to hear the answer from everyone! Especially since Valentine's Day is coming up, and the season of love and all...

My friend mentioned that one of her recently posted photos was taken from her honeymoon in May, and since it seemed so recent, I wanted to know the story of how she & her husband met and fell in love and got married... I realize not all of us have spouses or significant others, but I'd still love to hear any tales of love you might want to share, happy or sad, romantic or platonic... Maybe your love story doesn't even involve another person! Perhaps it's the story of coming to love yourself or discovering your passion...

So, share your love stories with me?

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  1. Don't know if you'll see this seeing as how it's an older post, but I found you on the OWOH website.

    My hubby and I met on a website meant for meeting people with a more secular view of the world. It was weird. I was there to kind of feel things out even though I wasn't looking for something heavy because there have been lots of burnings of bridges before. I got sent a message from my now hubby that was pretty interesting and even more so that he was in Little Rock. After a couple of more messages, we decided to meet.

    We met at my favorite cafe (which closed this last year unfortunately). We seemed to hit it off and decided to meet at the same place again.

    Now, see, I haven't been the greatest judge of character, but my roomie was, so the next time, my eventual husband met me and my very large and rather scary-looking roommate (who wouldn't hurt a fly though it wasn't something he knew.)

    It took a long time before I had the bravery to go to his apartment. Poor dear was not pleased about that, but when he met me, I was dealing with some serious demons who decided to poke their heads up into my vision though I thought they had been buried very deep.

    He was also dealing with a recent divorce from a very unhappy marriage which affected him more than he would ever admit.

    We spent four years crossing rivers and jumping hurdles and crying over traumas. We never questioned whether we'd make it, but there were ugly times among all the laughter. Luckily, there was always more laughter.

    This last year, on Halloween, we got married and had a massive costume party for all of our friends.

    It's not easy. Marriage requires work, but the good thing is love pretty much takes care of itself. Even when there are times when we wonder, a sunbeam shoots through the cloud and blinds us, reminding us of why we laugh so much anyway.

    And, we laugh. A lot.


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