Saturday, May 31, 2008


It has been a long tiring week for me... Ok, so it was only 3 days of actual work, but I still feel like I shoved the whole 5 days into those three.

Wednesday I covered collaboration meetings (where all the teachers in one grade get together to discuss curriculum, etc.) and spent 1/2 a day in 5th grade and the other 1/2 in 4th. They really weren't too bad at all.

Thursday I covered CSE meetings. (No I really am not sure what the CSE stands for, but they are the meetings between the classroom teachers, special ed teachers, parents, and administrators to discuss the student's progress and goals, etc. ETA: OMG they have rules that include the offering of beverages: CSE - During the Meeting) I spent about 30 minutes in each room basically babysitting until the teacher returned. Again not too bad.

And yesterday I got a nice change of pace and worked in the library all day. Only 3 classes at the end of the day, K, 1st, and 3rd, only for about 40-45 mins each. The morning was spent chit chatting with the other librarian, checking shelves to make sure they were in order, and scanning books in & out for a few random students. Of course those 3 classes were *SO* out of control; I was glad when they left and the library was quiet again...

Of course this means a short paycheck. And for last week too, because I didn't work Thursday or Friday. And there's so little time left in the school year, I assume a lot of teachers are *not* going to need subs... Hopefully I can find something for the summer that doesn't mess up our plans for fun!

Speaking of money.... Here are a few things from AC; the first is from Jacqueline and I have been waiting FOREVER for it to post so I could read it! The second is a short story from Jaie which is very good IMHO.

10 Films to Teach World War I in the Social Studies Classroom
Joleene's Mama (Hmmm... the end of the story's been cut off... :\ )

So we got 2 chairs and a king-sized mattress from FreeCycle the other day, and Jacqueline and the kids did a huge amount of work cleaning up the living room and moving our old sofa out. I can't wait to finish up all the organizing; it looks great so far! Today's project is to make room for the mattress in here - hehehe... I'm off!

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