Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Case of the Mysterious Poop

As you may be aware, we have recently adopted a Guinea pig into our family, and her home until we can rearrange the living room is on our kitchen table. (It rarely is used for eating, and she takes up less than 1/2 of it...) Occasionally she tosses out some bedding or some gets on the table when she gets cleaned (part of the family's evening routine), but this morning, there seemed to be an abundance of bedding, and some poops clear across on the other end of the table!

Click for full size...

Note the bedding by the little hole in her cage and the stray poops,
2 near the center, and one way at the very edge on the opposite side!

Jacqueline wondered if maybe she managed to get out of her cage and wandered about the table, leaving the bedding and poop all over, then got back in before we got up... *eyebrow raised* But I have a different theory: Those little poops aren't hers. Nope. They are from her boyfriend, El Ratto, who sneaks into our kitchen in the night and has midnight (or later depending on when the kids go to bed) rendezvous with his little caged lover. One day he's going to break her out and they will run away together to Mexico...

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