Monday, May 26, 2008


I've spent the last hour trying to upload pics - just drag & drop it says! - and make a quick post here. It's not been quick and it's been a huge frustration. So I'll not be sharing any pics... :P

First off, less than 24 hours to vote on my blog content! Any last minute voters out there?

Second, I've had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, I got a wonderful package from friends, including a beautiful pendant which they handmake. Check them out!

It was also Jacqueline's 41st birthday - OMG! We had a lovely lunch out, just the two of us, where there was great food for small change; we shopped and had fun; and we finished the day with CAKE. Pretty yellow cake with PINK frosting, and STRAWBERRIES... Yum!

Saturday we relaxed around the house after a quick run to take the recycleables to the transfer station. I finally got to show Jacqueline the fuzzy, funny little alpacas! ^_^

Sunday, we all headed to the big city for a BBQ at Jacqueline's parent's house. First grilled hangaburgs of the season! W00T! And the whole family was there, which is always lots of fun! ^_^

Sunday was also a day for the birds! Jacqueline woke me early for our first sighting of the indigo bunting, and later their were blue jays fighting for the platform feeder, and after we got home... Oh. Em. Gee. A hummingbird flew right into the kitchen, hovered not even 6 feet beside me, flew in & out several times, before deciding there was nothing in here for him... Talk about AMAZING!

Today was another relaxing day: it sunned, the kids went to friends' homes, it rained, it cleared up... And the neighborhood was so very quiet; I could hear all the birds and bugs and probably frogs... SO peaceful....

Ok... I'll try the pics again, but don't expect them formatted all cool... :P


Jacqueline on her birthday!

Hangin' laundry...

Ant, Es, & Jo at the BBQ

Sisters Es, Em, & Jo

Mother & Child

Dizzyingly dull day...

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