Sunday, July 13, 2014

52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 46

Hello, my fellow creative photographers!

Welcome to another week in my 52-Week Photo Challenge!

This week's challenge is: BLACK

Like with our other color challenges, look for something black and find a creative way to photograph or edit it.

I often find that when I try to capture someone wearing black, using the auto settings, that my camera over-exposes when I attempt to focus on the dark and the rest of the image is blown out. To compensate for this, I focus on the face or another lighter area, press the shutter button part way, then re-frame my image.

In case what I just wrote looked like Greek to you, check out these links for some more info & advice:Here's mine:
Black: Rainy Day
Click to embiggen!
Lia wanted to do some Gothic Lolita photos, and she had planned the umbrella, so it really didn't matter that it just happened to be raining when she was ready! This was my favorite of the shoot. Click through to flickr to see a few other shots & edits and even some outtakes!

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