Monday, March 04, 2013

Daily Dares: Day 63 & A Recap

So, for my own clarification, I want to review what each of my Dares are now in this new month...  First, I need a clever little name; I think 22 is perfect!  How about you?  ^-^

Anyway, I have 2 DARES for the year:
  1. 12x12: Complete 12 pictures books in 12 months.
    As I mentioned before, I have ideas for 7 books so far, but need to do a LOT of art, and come up with 5 more ideas!
  2. Earn $1000/mo. by the end of the year.
    Find a teaching job, an office job, sell more art...??? Still working out how to succeed at this one...

And 2 DARES for the month:
  1. Try 4 things from my new books
    I have some new books with new ideas to try out, and I'd like to do 4 this month.
  2. Determine 4 steps to improve art sales and take them
    I have a few resources I need to catch up on and they have some great ideas I'd like to implement; we'll start with 4 this month!

And 2 DARES to do each week:
  1. Make 4 phone calls per week
    This includes 2 calls to specific people with a set scheduled time and 2 other random calls, either from my handy jar of calls to make or regarding the applications I'll be completing as one of my other dares...
  2. Complete 4 employment applications per week
    Three each week to different school districts and one for other kinds of work.

And of course 2 daily DARES:
  1. Pass 2 French lesson each day, one on Duolingo, one on Memrise...
    I am doing great here still!  I found a notebook yesterday after I did my lessons, but lost it again already!  LOL!  Next time I find it, it's going right here next to my keyboard!  XD
  2. Create each day
    Tried something a little different today... Not sure if she's falling down the rabbit hole or reclining...

    Click to embiggen...

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