Sunday, October 07, 2012

Mosaic Monday Bunday

Welcome back to another Mosaic Monday Bunday!  In case you weren't aware, October is LGBT History Month as well as National Bullying Prevention Month.  These are topics very close to my heart.  There are two days that occur this week, and one next week that support these causes: 
  • Wednesday the 10th is Unity Day, when we wear ORANGE to show our support for those who have been bullied and band together to put an end to it.
  • Thursday the 11th is National Coming Out Day, when we celebrate LGBT individuals coming out and openly being themselves to raise awareness of the LGBT community & civil rights movement.
  • Friday the 19th is Spirit Day, when we wear PURPLE to show our support for LGBT youth who have been bullied and to stand up against it.

I'll be writing more about my own experiences with this later in the month (to be published on the Queer Etsy Street Team's blog), but I wanted at least one Mosaic Monday Bunday to pay tribute to these very important issues.  So here it is, a rainbow of bunnies and rainbows, who shine with their love and unique selves...  ^-^

From top left by row:
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