Friday, April 01, 2011

April Fools

Jacqueline & I love to celebrate this holiday and this year was no exception to our fun! When I woke up, I put on my most foolish outfit and we headed out to the store to get some things we forgot... They were pretty busy for midmorning, and I got more than a few strange looks; I even caught 2 employees talking and laughing about it! YAY! (Making people smile is a good thing!)

When Lia got up, she joined me in the crazy outfit department:

Then we got busy with the dinner prep! First up was our fancy berry soda beverage... Jacqueline put them in the fridge to set chill.

Then she made some silly "dirt" cookies...

And finished up with a fabulous choco-berry pie!

When it was time to eat, we played a little game - since the kids are pretty much on to us anyway with the faux-food. First, Jacqueline made a list of all the things to be on our table; plates were the only exclusion. She listed silverware, each course of the meal, napkins, condiments... then we all picked 6 numbers without knowing what we'd be getting. (Jacqueline even used to generate her own numbers!) She got "pie", garlic bread, BBQ sauce, Brussels sprouts, bean blend, and a napkin.

I think I got the worst place of all: Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, BBQ sauce, a napkin, a spoon, and the "soda" drink.

Ant fared better, but he's a fussy eater; so he might disagree: "pie", Brussels sprouts (oh yes, we all got those, but none of us got a fork!!!), bean blend, BBQ sauce (which he doesn't use), garlic bread, and a cookie! (No utensils!)

Esme made good choices too: "pie", garlic bread, tomato, Brussels sprouts, bean blend, and a spoon.

Poor Josie felt she was on some kind of diet! Garlic bread, "soda", Brussels sprouts, bean blend, a knife and a napkin...

Lia was the most upset about not getting a "soda" but her meal was balanced well: "pie", bean blend, Brussels sprouts, tomato, BBQ sauce, and a knife to eat it all!

You can see their reactions here.... Not really digging the fact that they got what they chose - and nothing else!

But it was all in fun... We let them rearrange their food, get more from the kitchen, or whatever they wanted to eat... Of course they all loved the soda... Esme was trying to prank us by putting an ice cube in hers (she knew it wasn't really "soda"), and they ALL attempted to "drink" it for real through the straws. (Lia was actually successful!)

So how did you celebrate *YOUR* April Fools Day?


  1. What a fun day Bunny! I swear even though I'm a big ol' heathen, it never occurred to me to celebrate April Fool's Day. Thanks for planting that seed.

  2. I like being on my own with my own family and all, but right now I'm super jealous and totally wish I was still a kid at home to enjoy that fabulous April Fools dinner. And I totally agree that you got the worst plate, everyone else got at least something that wasn't a vegetable on their plate!


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