Sunday, May 16, 2010

BlogCarnival: May 21st

SweetSallysSoaps gives us the topic: Show me your all time favorite piece of art and why you find it inspiring.

For a while, I had wanted to Dress Up my purse, but didn't know what I wanted to do. When Esme bleached her jeans, I decided to pop my purse in too. When it came out, I thought the pale blue and white looked like clouds in the sky. So I thought a winged bunny (my mascot) would be perfect! I opted to use acrylic paint and see how well it worked...

Once I got started painting, I decided to include all the things that are important to Who I Am. Of course there is the winged rabbit, which turned out to be a hare, flying over a cloud, which symbolizes my spirit overcoming struggles. Then there's the rainbow, universal symbol of hope; to me it also represents not just Gay Pride and Diversity, but also Creativity and Art. But it didn't feel *done* then; there was a big empty space under the rainbow that needed something.

It was about this time that I realized that Spiders were a totem of mine. Spiders embody the qualities of creativity and creation, magic and wisdom, communication and connections, intuition and inspiration. They remind us that we are weaving our own destinies and we need use our creativity to build the web of our lives. So I added a garden spider and her web, which I embroidered on, using a very fine iridescent thread, and in it I sewed a pentacle, which represents my pagan spirituality. (I had to go over it with some white paint because it was too hard to see...)

But still there was the emptiness under the rainbow. I didn't want to paint anymore; so I added a butterfly and it's path with Sharpie marker. Obviously butterflies represent change and transformation, beauty and freedom; I also added a little a more symbolism by creating it from a lemniscate, the infinity symbol, shaped into two hearts, which to me (and perhaps others) expresses infinite love: polyamory, and it's done in the colors of bi-pride: purple, pink, and blue.

Naturally, I added some sparkle to the whole thing! ^-^


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