Thursday, May 20, 2010

Anyone able to offer help?

I got this email today from a friend; even if you're not able to help directly, can you pass the message on please?
I have to find homes for my beloved cats and I am hoping that some of you may be able to help me by taking one in or helping me find good homes. I am moving over the month of June into a smaller home and my allergies and asthma just cannot handle all the cats anymore. I absolutely will NOT drop my babies off to just anyone, so I will have to know that without a doubt they will be loved and taken care of.

Calliope aka "Mamacita" - 10 year old neutered female, short haired tortoise shell, loves to hunt and prefers to be outside. She comes in to socialize once in a while or when she is not happy with the weather (rain or bitter cold). Loving and cuddly on her terms only. Territorial towards animals that don't belong to your family (she keeps my neighbor's full-grown boxer in line)

Apollo - Calliope's litter mate, neutered male, short-haired orange tiger, prefers to stay inside and be pampered, goes outside when he gets a wild hair turned in his tail, VERY lovey, liked to cuddle on your lap, tends to beg for food (he LOVES french fries and will do almost anything for cheese!).

Selene - Two year old female, not yet neutered (I will pay for her to be neutered when I catch her), short-haired gray tiger, has never been outside, feral to people but gets along with most other animals, LOVES dogs (go figure!). Would do best on a farm where she can go hide and not have to worry about people trying to touch her.

Pandora aka "Li'l Miss Thang" - (from Calliope's second litter) - 8 year old female, short-haired tortoise-shell/orange tiger combo (her face looks like a harlequin doll). I believe she is having kittens as I write (egads...). I am keeping her until her kittens are old enough to go (and they HAVE to go!). I will pay for her to be neutered as soon as the kittens are weaned. Diva attitude (doesn't like to touch floors because "dogs touch it"), tends to eat until she vomits, so you have to limit her food intake.

Kittens - don't know how many, sex or exactly when.

Contact me if you can help in any way!


She's in the Central NY-Rochester-Syracuse kinda area... (what is that region called anyway???)

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