Friday, March 27, 2009


Today was a lovely day, and we took advantage of it to run down to Camillus and clean out my dad's frig. (He went to FL before the new year, and there were some ripe things in there...) Then we headed over to the park of my childhood, Shove Park (rhymes with shrove), to play and enjoy the sunshine. Now, I am sitting in the bedroom with both windows and the front door open listening to the cacophony of robins and chickadees and spring peepers! YES! Spring peepers for the first time this year! YAY!

Here are some pics:

The girls attempt to slide down together...

...while Ant hides out with his GBA...

and Da Momma reads.

Even I went down the slide!

Then we visited the old rocking animals...

I am sure my mom has pics of me on those things...
(And why does the Monkees theme song play in my head when I see this pic?)

What is that evil look on Ant's face?


He totally car-jacked Lia... XD

Fun day at Shove Park...

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