Sunday, October 06, 2013

52-Week Photo Challenge: Week 6

Hello again!

How are you all doing with the challenges? Are you finding them too hard? Too easy? Are you needing a little more guidance? Are you having any technical difficulties? With taking your photos or with uploading them? Please feel free to ask any questions you might have! I'd be happy to help!

And remember, while I would LOVE for you to participate every week, I know Life happens and if you miss a week, don't feel like you can't do the next one until you've done the one you missed -- and the same goes if you're just discovering the challenge now -- just jump in right where you are!

This week, our challenge is: ORANGE

That's right, another color challenge! Orange is another seasonal color here in NY with the leaves and the pumpkins... So as with the yellow photo, find something orange and make it the focal point of your photo. Here's mine:

Click to embiggen!
I'll add a few others to the comment section on flickr, and although I did edit the other photos more extensively, on this one I just upped the contrast a bit! To get this blurred fore ground and background, I had a very long pile of pumpkins in front of me, and focused on a nice one near the middle. Then I squatted down, getting some the pumpkins in foreground of my image, and eliminating some people wandering around lower down in the background. >CLICK!< I love how it came out! So let's see yours; share it with everyone at our flickr group! And don't forget to sign up for the reminders via email!

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