Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Weekly Update

So it has been a week since I posted my re-evaluated goals, and I just wanted to check in, mostly for myself, to see how things are going...

These were the DAREs:
  • Daily DAREs:
    1. I will water my verbs on Memrise and practice my skills on Duolingo once a day.
      This has been going quite well.  This past week has been busy, lots of errands, a funeral, a holiday, a class to prepare for and teach, but I was able to complete this DARE 4:7 days.
    2. I will complete the creation of one rabbit per day in any form and work on creating anything else I want. :P
      This one has been so-so.  I guess I am easing myself back into it.  Rabbits have not been created, but there has been some form of creation every day except the day I was at funeral.
  • Weekly DAREs:
    1. I will try one thing from one of my 2 new (back in March!) books.
      This one has been put off a bit long IMHO, but I have until midnight to get to it...
    2. I will find one new way to improve my art sales and implement it!
      I have advertised a free gift with any purchase from the shop, this month only!

      Click to find the magic!
  • Month of July DAREs:
    1. I will determine where the local shows are (farmer's markets, art associations, craft fairs...) and how to join them (forms, fees, etc.).
      I've been slowly finding info on upcoming shows, many require special certification and insurance which will mean I can't join them... yet.
    2. I will submit substitute teaching applications to the local districts for which I am not yet working.
      I have put in 2 applications on the few days I was home, one for a long term substitute position, the other for an office job, but even that would make me happy.  *fingers crossed*
  • Big 2013 DAREs:
    1. I will continue to work on my 12x12 Project, even if I feel I won't finished by the end of the year.
      Eep!  I have lots of work to do!  I may not succeed but baby steps are better than no steps!
    2. I will continue to try to find ways to make $1000 a month.
      What we are doing right now is not sustainable.  It is heartbreaking to watch Jacqueline work so hard for so little.  We're working on getting Ant a job and myself of course, and pushing the art sales & teaching.  We are improving, but not fast enough it seems!