Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tarot Sparks: #4

Spark #4: The Gardener (The Empress)

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Journaling Prompt: What am I gestating? What waits to be born? How do I celebrate my beauty and sensuality? How do I care for my garden (literally or metaphorically)?

This one really brought me up short.  I tried to answer it on the day it came, but I feel like I've hit a block.  I don't know what's gestating, waiting to be born, and I don't think I celebrate my beauty & sensuality.  I suppose my metaphorical garden is just as neglected as my literal one.

I think burbling in my subconscious, percolating, are ideas on moving into a place in my life where I am able to encourage people to find their inner artist, to rediscover the joy they had creating as a child or just seeing how easy & freeing it is to just put pencil or brush to paper and Create!

I shall need some work on the other parts of these questions; I have been neglecting those parts of myself for a long time...

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