Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Tarot Sparks: #2 (+ a little more from #1)

A final question was asked that I had missed when answering before.  I chose to answer it with photos.  "Stop. Look around. What do you see that is unique to this day, a day unlike any other?"

The first things to greet me as I started my wandering...
Dragonfly & Horsenettle

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Wild fruit ripening: grapes, blackberries, staghorn sumac...
Not Ready Yet

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Spark #2: The Magician

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Journaling Prompt: How can I bring my dreams into manifestation? How do I experience my own sense of personal power?  What magic can my hands make?

My hands can create magic through my art.  Drawing, painting, sculpting, taking photos... These are the ways in which I experience my own sense of personal power.  I believe that by fully embracing this part of myself, by no longer giving in to the feelings of being inadequate, I can manifest my dreams.

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