Thursday, May 16, 2013

Soul Art Day

Recently I took part in International Soul Art® Day with Laura Hollick and I thought I'd share it with you all.

First, there was a worksheet that gave 5 steps to prepare for Soul Art Day:
  1. Start dreaming, write about the transformations you want to experience in your life.  I want my life to feel more peaceful, more safe and secure, more prosperous and comfortable. I want to be confident, comfortable, and secure in my body, as it is now, and on the path to health and wellness.  I want my relationships to be smooth and fulfilling, filled with laughter and love.  I want my business to grow, branch out to new people and places, new opportunities to become more prosperous and support the family.

  2. Mark your calendarYup, I did that!

  3. Gather your suppliesI gather a piece of poster board, glue sticks, magazines, scissors, and crayons.

  4. Decide whether to do it solo or in a groupI chose solo, but maybe next year I'll invite Jacqueline and/or the girls.

  5. Make it sacredDone.

Then there was the Soul Art Journey itself with 5 steps.

1. Intention
How would you describe your current life experience?  Struggle.  Struggle to make enough, struggle to feel comfortable in my body, struggle to communicate effectively with my friends & family, struggle to create my art, struggle to get people to buy it...

What is working in your life?  The minimum.  We always seem to have just enough, even when an emergency happens, we manage to just pull through.  My relationship with my girlfriend is amazing; while it's not 100% perfect -- there is always room to improve -- I feel closer to her than anyone ever.  She supports me so much, and yet we both have room to learn & grow together.

What are your current challenges?  Learning to flow with the changing dynamics of our family as the children grow into teens and adults.  Finding enough money to pay the bills and still have time & energy for joy & passion, play & laughter.  Learning to be comfortable in my own skin and to love and care for my body.  Pushing past my fears to do the things I want to do.

If you could magically change 3 things, what would they be?
  1. I would increase amount of our income.

  2. I would make eating healthy and getting exercise easier & more fun.

  3. I would be fearless in my interactions with others.
If you could sum up those 3 things, what is the transformation you desire?  Security

Write your desire in an "I want" statement.  I want to feel secure.

Now transform your "I want" statement into your intention.  For my Soul Art Journey I want to see how to transform my life from one of fearful struggle to secure joy.

2. Bodymapping
Trace your body or part of your body for a framework for your art.  I chose my hands making a heart shape... ^-^

3. Creative Expression
Brainstorm 5 topics that interest you.
  1. Art

  2. Rabbits Animals

  3. Magic

  4. Mermaids Water

  5. Prosperity
For each topic above, gather 10 images from your magazines, and sort them into 5 piles, one for each topic.  Since rabbits & mermaids were so specific, and my magazines didn't have many images that could be categorized rabbits or mermaids, I broadened the topics some.

Put your absolute favorite image from each pile on the top.

Write one word to describe each one of those images.
  1. Free

  2. Silly

  3. Shining

  4. Soothing

  5. Indulgence
Now take TWO minutes and write a stream of consciousness story.  The title is what you wrote in #5; include the remaining 4 words in your story.


Once upon a time there was a little girl, who lived free in a beautiful country.  One day she was playing a silly game in the fields with sun shining all around her, the soothing sound of waves shushushing in the distance.  All was well.  The End.

Now use your story as a starting point for your art.

Click through to see more...

4. Insight
Decode the message your spirit is trying to tell you in your art.

How would you describe your art?  Colorful; loving; lots of greens, blues, and purples; powerful; magical; lots of symbolism.

How do you feel about your art?  Hopeful, proud, strong.

How would you describe your creative process?  I kind of got lost in it, losing more time than I thought.  It was hard to find images that I felt really represented what I wanted it to, but I think it came out much better than I thought it would.

Ask your art:  What do you want to tell me?  You have the power.  Just go with the flow.  You *will* find the magic, make the memories, and create your dream.  Remember to fear nothing and you will see that it's all within you.

Ask your art:  What do you want to tell me about my intention?  To transform your life from one of fearful struggle to secure joy, you must remember to go with the flow.  You have the power inside you to make it happen.

What insights are you receiving about your intention?  That I create most of my own struggle, by not following the flow.  By not trusting my own power & magic.  By not loving myself enough, by not being joyful and playful and silly.

What do you feel is the most relevant and important insight?  Go with the flow!  There is so much flowing and movement!

5.  Spirit Action
What was your intention for this journey?  To see how to transform my life from one of fearful struggle to secure joy.

What body part(s) did you trace for your body mapping?  My hands in the shape of a heart.

What was your art about?  Going with the flow, playing, being silly, finding the magic within myself.

What insight did you receive from your art?  That I need to go with the flow, relax, stop struggling.  Play more.  Look inside myself for the strength & power to defeat my fears and find the magic.

Brainstorm Spirit Actions you can take to make your insight real & tangible.  What can you do to embody your insights?  Relax.  Stop making everything a battle.  Just Be.  Flow.  Find more time to play.

Pick one Spirit Action, make it clear and specific, and give it a date.  Find more time for play.  I, Diana BunnyKissd Bukowski, am going to learn to dance to Psy's Gentleman by June 15th.  This will be playful for me, as well as helping me be more active, and even helpful for me to find some courage if I can do it at the Shine dance! ^o^

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