Saturday, May 04, 2013

BYOB: Day 3 & 4

Yesterday was a busy day here at Faerie Gardens!  Jacqueline & I went out lawn mower shopping and then of course spent some time putting it together and playing with it; and then we went out to dinner - an unexpected treat!  However it was quite late by the time I got around to thoroughly reading my emails and finding the Be Your Own Muse prompt:

"...let's let the sillies out, let's be playful be it in our expressions, our movements or the props we use to help us with this fun task!"

What is really funny is that I had actually already taken some self-portraits that fit the prompt!  You see, I got a great deal at Sally Beauty Supply (I know, not where one finds by lawn mowers, but it was Right. Next. Door!) on a very Lisa Frank-esque fashion set: a bag, scarf, and sunglasses featuring black leopard spots on a rainbow ombr√© background.  I ♥ it so much!

But let's be real.

I can't wear sunglasses.  -_-  Haven't been able to since I got glasses when I was 10.  I finally broke down and got some clip-ons (omg I've become my mom XD ) from the eye place last time I got glasses though, but they are no where near as cool as these:

Click to embiggen...

Am I right?  So anyway, I am going to share the spoils with 2 of my daughters, and since they're both away from home this week, I needed some photos to share with them... And voila!  Photos for BYOB done!  This morning I just played around with the color some, goofing around with edits I've not really used. I think it's pretty playful!  ^o^

Today's photos happened rather unexpectedly as well.  I went outside to get some photos of our tulips and got carried away with what I was doing, looking at all the things I take for granted in my yard: the green green grass, pushing up through all the dried brown growth from last year, the bright yellow dandelions, the un-planted grape hyacinths so far away from the garden, the aspens quickly greening and leafing out, the new growth on the brambles...

And look!  I even found my feet!

Click to embiggen...

Although the image was slightly out of focus, I really like how it conveys exactly what I was feeling.  Kinda dream-like and filled with color. ♥♥♥

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