Monday, May 27, 2013

April Full Moon Dreamboard

Yesterday was the Full Flower Moon, and I made a dreamboard, but then I realized I never shared last month's dreamboard, so I thought I'd do that first!

I've been working through the Temple of the Twelve Experiential Journal for a while now (you can read more about it on my Temple of the Twelve blog.), and have been working with Lady Pink this month, so I thought it apropos that last month was the Full Pink Moon, which asked...

“What dreams is it time to tend?”

What are you dreaming under this Full Pink Moon? The name represents the pink flowers that so lavishly bloom in the spring. What an invitation to let yourself luxuriate in your dreams, embracing them passionately, sharing them magnificently and enjoying each precious bloom. ~ Jamie Ridler

Click to embiggen...

For this dreamboard, I chose an old calendar page of a gorgeous pink water lily with a tiny green frog for the background, and I am sure you can tell that I was dreaming about the sweet summer life.  Pink filled all the images I chose as well, or at least was featured.  One of the first images I chose was the rabbit in the lower left that I tucked under the lily a bit; he symbolizes my dreams of having the time to stop and smell the flowers.

That dream is also echoed in the words at the top of the page, "Sweet Serenity" above the pink bikini-clad pool-lounging woman.  Not only does she represent the dream of time to relax but also my dream of being healthy.

Between the rabbit photo and the top corner is another pink flower & rabbit which illustrate my dream of improving my art and painting adorable, delicate watercolors. In the top right corner, there is a little bee with a flower & heart, peeking from behind the lily again, which represents my honey, and my dream of making her happy. ♥

In the lower right corner, there is smiling woman (in a fabulously sequined top) offering a lollipop -- and the tiny frog has an ice cream cone! -- both symbolizing my dream of the sweet life, filled with laughter & joy, shiny-ness & sweets!  ^o^

On the bottom, there is the word Aloha with its definition, representing both my dream to return to Hawaii someday, and my dream of more "affection, love, peace, and compassion" in my life.  And finally the unicorn, wearing a wreath of fragrant flowers and love, she embodies my dream to always find the magic.

Check back later for the dreamboard I made yesterday!

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