Thursday, May 02, 2013

Merry May!

So many blog post bubbling up in my head, and backlogged in my drafts....  Whee!  I feel like my brain is running so fast, my fingers can barely keep up!

Anyway, let's just take a break for a moment.  *deepbreath*  Ah, yes, that's better...

First, I am doing 2 things this month.  The first is related to my business, Faerie Garden Fancies, and the second focuses on me, with emphasis on play & self-care.

First, I will be taking part in Leslie Saeta's "30 Marketing Ideas in 30 Days" Challenge.  Day One (form an Artist-Mentoring Group) was a cinch, as I am already a member of a lovely group of artists on facebook, and in fact, had discovered the challenge there!  Day Two was to find an old painting, still for sale, and share it!  And so here it is!

Spring Fairy, 6" x 6" Original Watercolor Painting

I love this painting and wish my camera or the scanner had picked up the colors more true to life, but it still makes me smile to see it.  The colorful bokeh-like background, the sparkling fairy, and the tiny opening fern and mushrooms, all convey the magic of spring.

Second, I've been blessed to win from Grow Soul Beautiful a spot in Vivienne McMaster's Be Your Own Beloved self-portraiture course.  It's so much more than taking pictures of myself though:  Lots of good words, support & encouragement, play and self-love.  Wow do I need those!

So yesterday's prompt was to literally take a photo of our first step on this journey.  Well I felt more than a little silly marching around in front of my camera for 12 seconds, but this shot was so worth it!  Please click through to read more about it...

Click to embiggen...

Today's task was to "explore what nourishes us and tell that story in our self-portrait." As I read the email, the sun was streaming through my front door, I could hear the birds twittering about the feeder, and the scent of the hyacinth was blown right into my room!  I just had to sit and soak it in!  Those few moments of quiet sunshine nourished me, so that's what I tried to capture in my photo.  Click through to see more!

Click to embiggen...

Oh!  And never fear about the bunnies; they'll be back very soon! ~_^

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