Thursday, February 11, 2010

What Moon Were You Born Under?

This was pretty cool to find out! I discovered it serendipitously from Serendipity, who found it in the Crystal Forest...

I started by using the site she gave to find my moon's phase, then checked a few days before and few days after to see whether it was waxing or waning. THEN because I knew I was close to the full moon, but couldn't tell by that little 100x100 picture, I went to this full moon site to find the specific date.

From that I determined that *I* was born under a disseminating or waning gibbous moon. This is what it says about me:
Since "to disseminate" means to scatter seeds, your impulse is to sow your ideas and knowledge so that others may learn from your experiences ~ you are a communicator and a teacher. Dedicated to your ideals, if there is a touch of the revolutionary in your nature, then it is purely and simply an urge to reform the world. In your zeal to improve other people's lives, however, you may need to find a compromise and learn how to reconcile your own vision with the needs of others. Your early fifties should bring a sense of achievement and contentment to your life.
I am not sure about my early 50s, not having gotten there yet, but the rest of this seems true about me! How about you? Can you figure yours out? What moon were you born under?

ETA: Omigosh! This site makes figuring out what your moon was so much easier!

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