Monday, February 08, 2010

Valentine's Day Traditions

Many of my followers may not realize that I am part of a blended family that is only a few years old. Jacqueline's kids - my gift-children, as they are the most precious gift I have ever received - moved in with me on August 1, 2005, and after a couple of years full of more changes, we have finally settled into some traditions that may not be customary, but they suit us all just fine.

One of those traditions is our Valentine's Day celebration. Most people would think Jacqueline & I should go off on some romantic date together, but we have plenty of other opportunities to do that. For us, it's about celebrating our family's love for each other and our joy at being together as a family.

We all make Valentines for each other and maybe even presents, then we have a Make-Your-Own-Heart-Shaped-Pizza Feast with all kinds of toppings to choose from. After chowing down and sharing Valentines, we have a night of gaming: last year was a Wii Bowling tounament, this year might be Bananagrams. It doesn't matter what we play, only that we're together.

~ ♥ ~ Valentine's Day 2009 ~ ♥ ~


  1. Your family is beautiful, and it sounds like a fun tradition!

  2. It's always nice to start your own Family Traditions...Your family is lovely...Happy Valentines Day....

  3. What a lovely tradition - and a lovely family. I understand the "family love" as my husband and I met and fell in love "en masse" each of us with two kids in tow (and we added one more). We didn't even get to go out just the two of us for months after we met. But my kids, all of them, are the most precious things in my life. And I must say, if those photos don't lie, even with the soft lens, you have a gorgeous family!

  4. What a wonderful tradition, I really like the Heart Shaped Pizza idea.

  5. What a gorgeous family! We make heart shaped pizza's too!

    Fun Times!

  6. Thanks for participating in the Blog Carnival. I love the heart shaped pizza and the fact that Valentine's Day is a family celebration for you and Jacqueline and the kids.


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