Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kind Over Matter ACEO/ATC Blogiversary Bash Exchange

The lovely ladies at Kind Over Matter celebrated their Blogiversary by having an ACEO/ATC Exchange, and I happily participated! ^-^

I sent them this little card:

Photo by Art Yowza who received it...
(can you believe I forgot to get a pic! I hate when I do that! ;-;)
Look my card is here too!

And in return, I received this:

Created by Gayla!

And the two most perfect "Create Positive Change" cards that they could have sent...

Perfect for me to give to Jacqueline, who *is* my sunshine...
Seriously, that's my nickname for her! ^-^ And yellow is her fave color...

And one in purple, for me! ^-^

You can get your own "Create Positive Change" cards by clicking here and downloading!

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  1. !!!! So glad you sent in a card!! Just wanted to stop by & thank you for posting about our blog, it means so much to us!

    Peace to you! xoxox


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