Thursday, August 20, 2009


Recently, Gala Darling suggested we all make our own love alphabet, and since it's been several weeks since I last posted a TiLT, here's mine!

Antonio, Allie, animals, and art
Bunnies, birds, and BBQ (separately for the most part)
Color and coloring with crayons
Daddy and deviantArt

Antonio, July 4th

Esme and Etsy
Flatrock, family, friends, fireworks, and Frank
Green grass, Google, gerenuks, and the Goddess
Horses and ponies

Flatrock at Sunset

Ice cream
Jacqueline and JoAnn
Kittens and cats (particularly especially my own)
Lia, the lake, love, and LOLcats

Jacqueline & Lia and the lake

Mommy and Mykel and muscle cars
Nerds (the candy and the people) and Neopets
Olives and oranges
Painting, purple, and pencils

Mommy, July 30th

Queens and queers and quesadillas
Rocks, rivers, and rabbits (yes I know technically it's on twice)
Sex, sunshine, and sandalwood soap
Tomatoes, fresh off the vine

Melody Rose, June 27th

Umbrellas in rainbow colors
Vanilla Coke, Vanilla Pepsi, V8 juice and VW bugs (old style)
Wind, wading, waffles, and wandering

Me, wading at Flatrock

Yoga, Y!M, yumminess, and YOU!

Things I Love Thursday is brought to you by Gala Darling...

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