Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Great Deal

For a few weeks now I have been wanting more colored Sharpie-like markers to color on some plastic things but have been refraining from buying them because 1. we're broke, 2. the only ones I could find individually were black, 3. the multi-packs with the colors I wanted were all too much money. Well on Sunday, my mom got the paper and there was a coupon in it from A.C. Moore for 40% any one item or if I went on Tuesday (today) 50% off any one item. (If you've got one in your area maybe stop by and see if the store has any of their ads to share...)

I had forgotten how I used to get those whenever they came out and go buy something, even if I didn't need anything, just because I could. However this time I knew just what I was going to get! We stopped at the store on the way home and wandered 'til we got to the markers. They had all kinds of sets, and even had them individually, but I had told myself that *ideally* I wanted to buy some for under $5, but would spend up to $7 including taxes.

I really like clicky pens; no losing the cap, ya know? And Sharpie has a line of retractable pens now, but they're usually more expensive. Well, on this particular day, in this particular store, there seemed to be someone looking out for my interests. There was a 8 pack of the usual rainbow colored markers for $9.99 and next to them, an 8 pack of retractable almost rainbow colored markers for $6.99. And I kept looking... trying to figure out why the retractables were priced lower... and if I could do without yellow and brown and purple...

Well eventually I opted for the cheaper - but retractable! - markers. I figured the yellow doesn't show well anyway, I had a purple at home that worked, and the main thing I was coloring was already brown; so... We took it to the cashier, who rang it up, added my 40% off, and told me the total was over $11. Huh? I thought, How'd it go from $6.99 to over $11? Of course, I notified the cashier who was kind enough to check on it.

Seems someone had restocked a whole bunch of the retractable markers, priced at $17.99, on the hook for the all black markers, which were $6.99; and since it was "so confusing" she let me have the markers at $6.99 with the 40% off, meaning I got $13.80 off! That's more than 75% off!!! And I got the markers I *really* wanted at the price I *really* wanted...

Thank you, Universe!


  1. Don't you love it when someone is looking out for you?

  2. I love sharpies. I've never had the retractable ones though. That's quite a deal you got. Glad they were nice enough to give you the price since it was them that screwed up when they stocked the shelves.

  3. haha! you make me laugh! :) is a good thing! :)

    Just go out and buy a box of rainbow-colored chalk! Then knock yourself out on the walls of your house! ;-)

  4. That's awesome! Enjoy your new markers! :)


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