Sunday, August 23, 2009

This is not why I am fat...

But I almost wish it was...

My LJ friend, Popfiend, posted something about KFC marketing a new Double Down sandwich, which actually sounds yummy, not that we eat fast food out very much anymore, and the same thing, made at home, tastes better, but you have to admit it's lo-carb! Anyway, I ended up discovering this blog somehow, and I was riveted. I made poor Jacqueline nearly nauseous with some of the descriptions, and was astounded by many of them myself. Others I can't wait to try! (Bacon Nachos anyone?)

I couldn't help but keep clicking Next, even though I could feel my arteries clogging and my hips getting bigger. (Why yes, I even had to remove my pants midway!) And then I found this:

Now this is something I have been looking for more info on for over TWO YEARS! Yes, more than 2 years ago I saw this ad on some foreign website I couldn't read, saved it, and have been vainly hoping Pizza Hut in the US would suddenly have it. And while a snowball has a better chance of surviving in Hawaii (you thought I was gonna say Hell, didn't you?), I am happy to have found this lovely review of it - complete with pics - so I can recreate it (with improvements of course) in my own kitchen... Yay!

And then this conversation happened...

Bunny: I can't stop clicking next on this blog...
Bunny: oooh look the infamous frito pie

ivorygrace7: hehehe!

At this point, i came to the end of the blog... I was *so* saddened, I actually cried out! And Jacqueline heard me in the other room, and replied...

ivorygrace7: sorry that it ended!
ivorygrace7: (OMG! It sounds like a relationship ended or sumpin!)

Bunny: I wanted more greasy fatty sugary carby foods
Bunny: pictures anyway
Bunny: of the cheesey sugary bacony goodness


ETA: Have you seen this??? Jacqueline & I are perfecting it in our heads: mini corn dogs instead of twinkies, dip in a 13x9 pan not on a cookie sheet... and we don't even watch football!!! XD

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  1. Oh boy, that looks amazing! Hubby was talking about the double down sandwich yesterday! lol

  2. I think I just gained 10 pounds looking at the picture and I believe that may be drool on my

  3. Let us know if you remake it! Id love to see pics and share it on our blog!

  4. Maggi: I keep hoping we'll get test market things, but we never do here. :(

    Ann: You and me both...

    Laurel: I surely will!

  5. do you get that little bell tinkling tinkling around in the corner of your bloggie blog? I want one! I want one! :)

  6. Aren't they great? I wrote so much here, I decided to make it into a full blown post! I'll have it up in a jiffy!


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