Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Le Cake Day

To eat the cake, keep it and even give it as a gift.

Being one who LOVES cake, when I found out about Le Cake Day, naturally I had to request my own cake; and Charity Joy Bell gave me the loveliest cake, which I am now going to share with Jacqueline, who I think will really like this pretty cake!

Here are the rules:
  1. If you want to get and give cake (and you're not Jacqueline), go to Le Cake Day and request your own! ^-^
  2. When you get cake, copy and paste the Le Cake Day Code into your post or onto your sidebar (whichever you choose).
  3. Have good enough manners to say "thank you" to me or to the person who gave you the cake!
  4. Pass the cake on (by copying the cake and pasting into your post) to only one person who should in turn pass it on to only one other person. Pass the cake by linking to the site of the person you want to give it to, and then notify your friend that he/she "has got cake."
  5. You may pass on the same cake that was passed on to you, or you may look for a different cake which you think would suit the next person better.
  6. Let the next person know about the rules by copying these rules and pasting them into your post.


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