Friday, December 12, 2008

TiLT: Better Late than Never!

My Kitty, BunnyHoliday Accessories
My Kitty, Bunny

Holiday Accessories

Presents from FriendsUnexpected Art Supplies from Friends
Presents from Friends
Thank you!

Unexpected Art Supplies from Friends
Thank you!

Children's DrawingsHoliday Wishes from my students
Children's Drawings

Holiday Wishes from my students

My Worry RockMy Favorite Bella Sera Cards
My Worry Rock

My Favorite Bella Sera Cards

Christmas Cookies...on Christmas Plates!
Christmas Cookies...on Christmas Plates!

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  1. I may have to swipe this idea from you and maybe get back to wordless Wednesdays too. Plus, your photos are always so nice! And now I want cookies. LOL

    My daughter just got a Bella Sara kit yesterday. We were at Gamestop, which I swear I have been to more in the past two weeks than I had previously in my entire life. Anyway, one of the gals that works there has befriended my daughter and gave her a set that has a small stuffed horse and 8 cards. Gave it to her! We were blown away and very appreciative. I told DD it's because she is kind to others so that kindness come back around.


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