Friday, September 26, 2008


I hate being sick.

I hate having my nose feel like it's been shoved full of cotton balls, my throat like it's been rubbed with sandpaper, and my glands like they're the size of golf balls.

I hate drinking & drinking & drinking til my belly HURTS, but still feeling dry.


I love having a girlfriend that wants me to feel better and will do anything to help make it so.

I love having kids that know I am sick and will be extra quiet cuz they know my head hurts too.

I love being a sub, and not being made to feel guilty about not going into work.  (By the work people at least, my own guilt is another subject.)

I love being able to crawl into bed and fall fast asleep with a quickness.

So good night everyone...

(And yes, I am sure this is all lordrexfear's fault.... :P )

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  1. I hope you are feeling better. Sending healthy vibes your way.


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